Charlie Thunderfoot,It was 1984 when Charlie first started his band called Hard to Get gaining many local accomplishments, his band took 1st place in several battle of the bands around the eastern shore Charlie Took the name of Thunderfoot in honor of his heritage and his grandmother.Thunderfoot moved to Nashville in 1999 where Charlie hoened his skill at bandleading, drumming and song writing.After several failed attemps to break into some markets Thunderfoot gained the attention of a few larger agencies and markets for originals songs. Thunderfoot's debute cd "Highway" has broken records on several indie small markets such as n1m, reverbnation, indieAmerica. Charlie now has the attention of some indie labels in Nashville this coming year.

rlies' move to Nashville in 2K gained him the privilege to perform with many national artists, among them numerous childhood idols. Thunderfoots' tour schedule promoting the recently released CD, "Highway" kicked off this month.